Got eWaste? We got you!

Special needs, such as CRT recycling, facility closures, demolitions, community recycling events, etc. can be accommodated as well at very low or no cost.

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Metal Recycling

The reclamation of copper is especially important to our environment. Not only does it eliminate a potential landfill waste product, its reuse makes the installation of solar energy products more cost efficient. We also recycle aluminum, gold, brass, stainless, lead, nickel alloy, platinum, palladium, mercury, and rare earth metals


PC and Mac Recycling

Included hard drives will be securely destroyed

Complete and partial systems (working or not), processors (CPUs), optical drives (CDROM, CD RW, DVD, etc), network and communications hardware (modems, routers, hubs, etc), drives (hard drives, floppy), keyboards, laptops, mice, monitors, network hardware (servers), paper tape readers and punchers, plotters, printers, tape drives. When the unit is completely obsolete, Scott recycling dismantles and sorts the by-products (glass, plastic, metal, wire, printed circuit boards, etc.). The products are then re-utilized or smelted down for remanufacturing.


Home Electronics Recycling

Don't just dump them, recycle them.

Many electronic items now retain and share confidential information. This can include everything from printer/scanners, cell phones and GPS devices all the way to office routers, switches, barcode scanners, pagers, copy machines, fax machines, microwaves, mixers, home phones, VCRs, DVD players, radios and speakers.


Hard Drive Recycling

Safeguard Your Data

The destruction of data on hard drives is crucial when disposing of end-of-life, defective or obsolete computers. Simply reformatting hard drives, however, is not enough! Scott Recycling understands the importance of data security, and we guarantee that your data will be properly destroyed. We provide hard drive recycling and disposal that eliminates the worry of identity theft or theft of proprietary or sensitive information. Scott Recycling will either overwrite the data following the strict specifications of the NIST (800-88 Clear), or destroy the hard drive entirely.


Monitor Recycling

Recycled responsibly to remove lead and mercury

Monitors are composed of plastics, glass, metal and components that can be reused for new products. We break these devices down into their bare components to be repurposed and reused.

An additional fee may be required to dispose of CRT monitors. This fee is to negate the expense incurred with disposing of the toxic lead contained in these machines. All toxic materials are contained and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.


TV Recycling

Old or new, working or not. We'll take care of it.

TVs contain many materials that can be reused in new products. We at Scott Recycling are experts in television recycling and disposal. As advances in television technology force consumers to make decisions about old television sets, we safely dispose of your old and outdated televisions worry free.

Recycling Bins

Public Drop Offs

Available in some areas and by special request.

Scott Recycling is open to the public to drop off electronics recycling materials at special locations.


Cable and Wire Recycling

We prepare cables for reuse.

Keep cable and wire from becoming another solid waste expanding our landfills. We recover copper and aluminum from scrap cabling and wiring.


Service Visits

Free pickups for businesses and organizations

Scott Recycling offers service visits in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. We are able to service the vast majority of our enrolled clients at NO CHARGE. Special needs, such as CRT recycling, facility closures, demolitions, community recycling events, etc. can usually be accommodated as well at very reasonable or no cost.