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What's so Important About Recycling?

First, recycling reduces waste. Materials otherwise destined for landfills are reprocessed into new products. By utilizing recycled materials, raw materials such as wood, water, and minerals are conserved. And since raw materials are not processed, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Energy is also saved. Recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy used to make new cans from virgin aluminum ore.

Recycling offers more than just environmental benefits. It keeps our communities and natural areas beautiful. It reduces pollution in the air we breathe. It also creates new, well-paying jobs in both the recycling and manufacturing industries. Scott Recycling encourages everyone to do their part and recycling. And we will do our part by responsibly breaking down recyclable items and providing the resulting materials to manufacturers for the next generation of products.

Featured Services

Secure Data Destruction
Keeping sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

Businesses and organizations are under increased pressure to responsibly dispose of waste materials and discarded items. The rash of recent data thefts have placed businesses in the precarious position of trying to safely recycle old computers while ensuring the data safety and business integrity. With Scott Recycling, you can put that worry behind you.

Monitor & TV Recycling
Recycled responsibly to remove lead and mercury

Monitors and TV's are composed of plastics, glass, metal and components that can be reused for new products. We break these devices down into their bare components to be repurposed and reused. All toxic materials are contained and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

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We are able to service the vast majority of our enrolled clients at NO CHARGE. Special needs, such as CRT recycling, facility closures, demolitions, community recycling events, etc. can usually be accommodated as well at very reasonable or no cost.