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Correct disposal of obsolete electronic waste, AND safeguarding sensitive data is one of those jobs that can’t be performed effectively in-house. Wiping a hard drive with in-house software doesn’t even begin to solve the issue of data protection. And with 70% of all heavy metals in landfills coming from discarded electronics, being socially responsible falls on everyone’s shoulders. Organizations are being put under a microscope by the public and the federal government to wipe or shred hard drives and then dispose of computers, monitors, printers, and even light bulbs by the most cost-effective recycling methods available. We offer free pickups in the Southeast. Contact us today. 

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In addition to our 6 warehouse locations, we offer scrap metal recycling services in East Tennessee through our sister company, Knoxville Recyclers.

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Hard Drive Recycling

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley, and other privacy laws are forcing companies to take hard drive disposal and hard drive shredding seriously. Read More

Computer Recycling

Scott Recycling performs computer recycling and computer disposal by taking unwanted, or old equipment and recycles or disposes of them in an environmentally safe and legally compliant manner Read More

Television Recycling

Just like computer monitors, televisions have a picture tube that contains lead, only lots more of it. Scott Recycling is an expert in television recycling and television disposal. Read More


Monitor Recycling

Monitor recycling and monitor disposal is a high profile initiative as new e-waste laws and CRT (cathode ray tube) landfill bans are being passed throughout the United States and internationally. Read More

Cable Recycling

Is your company rewiring its facilities? Are you a construction company or homeowner looking to dispose of scrap cabling? Keep that cable from being landfill waste by recycling it! Read More

Home Electronics Recycling

Home Electronic recycling is a big issue that we have the experience to resolve. We keep Home Electronics from the landfill by recycling it in an enviromentally friendly manner.. Read More


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